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  • Letra Traducida Walls of jericho My last stand

    Vistos 248 Letras Traducidas Walls of jericho Day breaks the wondering begins night without regret couldn't face my suffering within, where I come from, where I've been I can't go down that path again There's always a trail of broken hearts you will come bitter ends ( ??? ) it's always the first of fall apart so I try to escape the past but I am learning know her best ( ??? ) ( 2 x ) I will fight risk my life give my heart to find my home I'm searching for my dreams to finally last I search for something real I search this world for a soul as lost as mine but all the roads I've seen before look harder than they were last time I have a heart with a will that's just as strong I'm learning to survive In search of hope I push to carry on waiting for the journeys of a lifetime to begin ( 3 x ) I will fight risk my life give my heart to find my home (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});... Ver letra completa