Letras de canciones de ⭐ VALERIA ⭐ , Ya NO Busque más letras mal traducidas aquí tenemos las mejores traducciones de VALERIA en inglés y español.

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Letras de Canciones de VALERIA:

  • Letra Traducida VALERIA BLACK TEARS

    Vistos 401 Letras Traducidas VALERIA Slowly i left you in an unfinished dream where appears too late those strange tears and then it makes shadows in rai´s beauty how can i understand “this”? If i see my blood ran out of my veins All it was confuse and real in my darkness¡ i still whisper for your original name and for your black tears This calling is for you my cry is covering heaven my suffering days in silence i´m tied to my past the anxienty tortures me and my heart is screaming for your name and whisper for your black tears Whisper at the wind my sorrow and our tragedy i want to get your immotal kiss, and to die again... Ver letra completa