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Letras de Canciones de C.j. Lewis:

  • Letra Traducida C.j. Lewis Im Still Here Waiting

    Vistos 260 Letras Traducidas C.j. Lewis ever since you left me i cant eat cant sleep you got me so i cant hardly breathe im so used to hear u saying Goodnight, Sleep tight, dont the bed bugs bite i kno ur not gunna call no more... -Chorus- But im still here waiting i wait for the goodnight baby, and the good morning beautiful i wait for that letter you sent in the mail but mostly.... im waiting for u to walk through my door Say honey im real sorry.. i love you...2 But im still here waiting Ever since u left me i cant think straight You got people askin me questions i dont know the answer to like what wrong? wat happend? why are u crying? please help me.. (-chorus-) I'll sit here forever waiting for... The goodnight.. sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite. and the goodmorning beautiful I'll wait for that letter u sent in the mail But mostly im waiting for you to walk through my door say honey im realy sorry.. and i love you 2.. But im still here waiting.. yeah im still here waiting... Ver letra completa